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Personalized Battery

Since 2013, Hincoo Battery Expert has been manufacturing custom battery solutions that are built to match our customers’ unique requirements. We provide a full range of pack assemblies in all chemistries—including lithium-ion batteries for everything from consumer electronics to heavy industrial applications.

Medical devices, emergency lighting systems, and industrial applications rely on lithium batteries. For applications such as AGV robot batteries, lithium-ion forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, and floor cleaning machine batteries—among others—we can design a portable power solution that’s right for you.

lithium battery

Lithium-ion Battery

Our lithium-ion batteries are high-quality and long-lasting, with a low cost of ownership. Thanks to their light weight, they reduce the energy requirements of mobile equipment and make them better suited for applications where weight is critical.

Ni-MH Battery

The Ni-MH battery is reliable and can be charged at a faster rate than NiCd batteries. It also features a higher energy density, high operating temperature range, long shelf life, and less self-discharge than the other rechargeable batteries.

lithium battery

Lithium-Polymer Battery

If you want to create your own battery pack, then lithium-polymer battery is for you. A lithium-polymer battery (LiPo or LIP) is a rechargeable battery whose electrolyte is solid. It has higher energy density than Li-ion batteries, more miniaturization, ultra-thin and lightweight. LiPo batteries can be made with high voltage and low voltage, providing the required power according to different devices.

LiFePO4 Battery

The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery is a type of rechargeable battery. The LiFePO4 is composed of Lithium, Iron and Phosphorus. This battery is used mainly as a power supply in electric vehicles, emergency communications equipment, medical equipment and sporting goods.

Battery Applications

We at Hincoo Battery Expert (HBE) offer our customers with the best battery solution. The only thing you need to do is provide us your requirements and we will deliver them in no time. We are highly specialized in supplying mobile & industrial batteries that are used in consumer electronics, RFID products, power tools, survey instruments, tele-communications devices and hybrid vehicles.

Personalized Battery

We can offer Li-ion, Li-po and Ni-Mh battery packs according to different requirements. We can personalize lithium batteries according to various customers’ needs: Intelligent Household appliances, Consumer Electronics, Power Device (electric tools, toys, model aircrafts, UAVs), Medical Equipment and AGV robot.

Customized Battery Pack Solutions

Lithium-ion Home Energy Storage Battery

Lithium-ion Off-grid Solar Battery

Lithium-ion Electric Bike Battery

Lithium-ion Electric Boat Battery

Lithium-ion Golf Cart Battery

LiFePO4 Aerial work platform Battery

Lithium-ion Wheelchair Battery

Lithium-ion ATV & UTV Battery

Lithium-ion AGV Battery

Lithium Ion Telecom Tower Battery

Lithium-ion Floor Cleaning Machine Battery

Lithium-ion Forklift Truck Battery