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8 Reasons Why Prefer 12 Volt And 24 Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries

7 Reasons Why Prefer 12 Volt And 24 Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries For Floor Cleaning Machines And Floor Scrubber
Floor cleaning machines play a significant role in our homes because they are for ensuring that the floor remains clean. But, like any other form of equipment, you can only use them for a long time when they are subject to the necessary maintenance. It is frustrating to discover that you can’t use your floor cleaning machine for one reason or another. Coincidentally, one of the commonest problems with floor cleaning machines is power related, which is as a result of the kind of battery used. As such, this article will be explaining seven reasons homeowners prefer lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines. These reasons will help you understand the advantages that come with patronizing lithium batteries.

12 volt floor scrubber Battery

12 volt floor scrubber Battery

They Lasts Longer
If you have a residential or office space that is extremely large, then you would probably need a battery that can power your floor cleaning machine for the entire period you would be using it. This is essentially important because it will be impossible for you to drag the power cable along with you all through the cleaning exercise. In that case, using the power supplied by the battery will be a better option.
This has been a challenge for floor cleaning machines that use other batteries that are not lithium related. As a matter of fact, lots of people have complained about their batteries not lasting long at all. According to them, after turning it on for some minutes, the battery goes dead.
Thankfully, with lithium ion battery, you can overcome this problem with great ease. Lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines are designed to power your floor cleaners for hours when it is fully charged.

Durability Is Assured
What is the assurance that you won’t be compelled to buy another power pack for your floor cleaner anytime soon? That is a question most people should ask themselves before buying such equipment. It does not make any sense to buy a floor cleaning machine, only for it last for a regrettably short period. And after that, what happens?
Every homeowner wants to avoid such scenarios as much as they can. Lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines present you with the perfect chance to do that. If you purchase a floor cleaner that works with a lithium battery, you can be sure you would not be buying another one anytime soon. Go for lithium batteries since they are more powerful and more durable.

Maximum Voltage
While most people may not see this as a problem, it actually is. The ability for lithium batteries to deliver maximum voltage for almost the entire period of their lifespan puts them on a higher pedestal than other batteries.
When the voltage coming out a battery reduces, the performance of the floor cleaning machine will also be affected. Its ability to wipe the floor clean will be drastically reduced. This will be a shortage on your side if you are using such cleaners.
Thankfully, you don’t have any of that to bother about when using genuine lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines. These batteries deliver optimal voltage for a long time. Even after using it for long periods, it won’t look like it is old. Such batteries are simply amazing.

You save More
There is little doubt that one needs to pay a huge upfront when purchasing lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines. However, that does not corroborate the assumption that they are generally more expensive. Yes, you may be paying more to acquire them at the initial time, but they are more cost-effective in the long run. One lithium ion battery pack can last you for years. The fact that you are using it for cleaning your floor is a reason for it last much longer.

Forget About Maintenance Issues
Probably the reason why other batteries don’t last long when they are used in floor cleaning machines is because they are not subjected to the right kind of maintenance. Some people who own such machines don’t know they have to maintain and clean the batteries from time to time. Failure to do that will reduce the performance and lifespan of the battery automatically.
Lithium ion batteries are trending in this regard because you don’t need any type of maintenance to keep the battery in their best functional state.

More Charge and Discharge Cycles
In a bid to market their products, I have seen where other battery product manufacturers try to downplay lithium batteries in the area of charge and discharge cycles. Fortunately, there is no iota of truth in that. Lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines have maintained the leading spot for as long as we can remember. That is because they are incredibly superior to other batteries in terms of charging and discharging cycles. That is part of the reason they are mostly preferred by users.

Easy Installation
If your floor cleaning machine was using another type of battery, you can easily change it anytime you please. Installing a lithium ion battery is one of the simplest tasks you can ever think of because it only requires identifying the positive and negative terminals.
Although that is how it works most times, there are a few occasions where a couple of accessories have to be bought before you can successfully use your lithium battery.
Most importantly, please be informed that a lithium battery connection has to be done with utmost caution. Any slight mistake in the connection can result to damages on the battery and the cleaning machine. So, if you are not confident you can do the installation on your own, you can consult a professional to help out. There are lots of technicians who offer such services for a reasonable price.

24 Volt Battery For Floor Scrubber-lithium Ion Battery Pack

24 Volt Battery For Floor Scrubber-lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium ion batteries for floor cleaning machines have almost become the order of the day. The above reasons tell you why users have fallen in love with them. They also explain why they have the largest share in the rechargeable battery market.For more about 12 volt and 24 volt lithium-ion batteries for floor cleaning machines and floor scrubber,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.