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Consumer Electronics Device Battery

Consumer electronics include all the electronic devices that are used most often for entertainment and communications, such as televisions and radios.

Battery Expert Manufacturer designs manufacture and distribute custom batteries for Consumer Electronics devices such as Smartphones, personal computers, tablets, laptops, notebooks, radios, digital cameras, televisions, MP3 players, and audio equipment.


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As the Internet, big data, and other technologies have rapidly changed how people consume goods, consumers’ consumption habits are changing too.

As the concept of “intelligence” has penetrated into people’s lives, intelligent IOT has gradually become a way of life. In recent years, many electronic devices such as smart homes, smart wear, and green travel have entered the market and ushered in leapfrog development opportunities.

The development of intelligent, mobile, price-advantageous products, and the expansion of solutions for consumer electronics are becoming important trends. As a result, higher requirements are being placed on lithium batteries, which require small size, light weight, flexibility, and safety while maintaining long endurance.

Battery life is a major issue in the electronic products industry. In recent years, as consumer demand for electronic products has increased and their use in everyday life has increased, manufacturers have begun to focus on making electronic products more energy efficient. Consumers are demanding increasingly better battery life from their electronics.

The factors that affect battery life are more significant than the capacity of a battery.

Currently, thin and light consumer products such as tablets, two-in-one notebooks, and ultra-book rely on lithium polymer batteries for power. Lithium polymer batteries are more pliable than standard batteries and are about 6mm thick.

The notebook’s Lithium polymer battery, combined with a special-shaped design, improves the battery’s performance. Lithium polymer batteries use polymer electrolytes, which give them greater energy density and longer endurance than traditional rechargeable batteries.

Battery Expert Manufacturer provide services that can help you

We have one Li-polymer battery production base in the south of China. Different capacity/discharge current/shape/dimension LiPo batteries can be customized according to your requirements. For cylindrical and prismatic, we usually use Japanese/Korean/Chinese cells of high quality.