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LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Aerial Work Platform

Deep cycle aerial work platform Packs of Lifepo4 batteries

Battery Expert offers lithium-ion battery packs designed specifically for scissor lifts and other aerial work platforms. As a result of incorporating Smart Plate Technology into our deep cycle battery design, we are able to manufacture aerial work platform deep cycle batteries that can retain their maximum capacity for longer periods of time between charges, provide the most total energy over the life of the batteries, and reduce operating costs. These innovations also produce the most efficient battery plates in the business, which can transfer more power per unit of volume or weight than any other flooded lead-acid battery now available.

Manufacturers of aerial work platforms and providers of heavy machinery and tools can get high-quality lifepo4 battery packs from The Battery Expert. These batteries provide deep-cycle, reliable power even when used with equipment that is put through extreme conditions. We guarantee to surpass the competitors in all aspects of aerial lifts, including scissor lifts.

All of our equipment is up to date, meaning longer battery life, longer run times, and less downtime. Longevity, dependability, and performance translate to less time spent in maintenance and more time spent working.

For optimal cell paste performance, a sturdy framework is necessary. The most efficient cell-plate design in the business is achieved by Battery Expert’s Smart Plate Technology, a novel cell-plate layout. The battery will last longer, reach its maximum capacity faster, and have a higher overall capacity as a result of this.

Aerial Work Platform Deep Cycle lifepo4 battery packs are built to withstand the rigors of operation in a range of vehicles, thanks to their robust polypropylene exterior shell and hand-cast heavy-duty connecting lugs.


The BATTERY EXPERT brand of batteries has the highest initial capacity and highest rated capacity on the market because they use the most homogeneous layers of tetrabasic sulfate crystals (battery cell-plate paste) in the industry.

Lithium battery solutions from Lifepo4 come in 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V voltages, and they have a built-in heater for use in sub-freezing conditions, as well as a high-current battery management system and superior system integration features. The lifepo4 battery packs have a removable vent system that is simple to use and locks into place, making it easy to do maintenance.

Replacement that may be dropped in; a perfect match
In many cases, you may swap out your existing SLA batteries for our lifepo4 drop-in replacements. Exceptional durability allows them to last for up to 2000 cycles. Despite being the same overall size as SLA batteries, these maintenance-free alternatives are significantly more portable and cost less during their useful lifespan. Drop-in replacement batteries are particularly secure, as they are protected from overcharge and complete discharge by the integrated BMS and can be charged quickly without overheating or gassing out.

BATTERY EXPERT has the tried-and-true OEM battery options you’ve been looking for. To help you get the job done and increase your productivity, we have a wide variety of deep-cycle lifepo4 battery packs with smart systems integration features.