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Lithium-ion Battery for ATV & UTV

Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries are preferred for certain models of power sports vehicles, as they provide unique advantages over lead-acid and other battery types. By doubling the time with the engine turned off, no alternator is needed. Also, you can double the time with lights, stereo, and other electrical equipment on. The energy density of LiFePO4 batteries is 400% higher than that of AGM batteries. Depending on the amount and type of battery, you can cut your battery weight in half or more. These lithium-ion phosphate batteries require no seasonal charging; they can sit through several seasons and still be ready to use when you are.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack About

The Battery Expert lithium-ion battery is like no other. Unlike lead acid, it does not suffer from sulfation or require activation or maintenance; and as a fully charged unit, it’s ready to install out of the box. 

Longer Life – Runs for up to 8,000 hours on a single charge, far longer than its lead-acid counterparts. 

Superfast Charging – It’s now possible to charge a battery in minutes, instead of hours. Sealed and non-spillable, the front-, side-, and top-installed modules allow for varying spacers to fit different sizes of groups.

No maintenance required

·Batteries retain their power for an entire year before needing to be recharged

·It can be recharged over 2000 times.

A battery meter helps you keep track of charge levels.

·With a single touch, the user can know whether battery life is low, medium, or full.

·It is easy to check the condition of a battery without any additional tools.

·To see whether or not the battery is working

No harmful waste products

·Produced during the manufacturing process, and all parts that can be reused or recycled at the end of their lifetime.

·It contains no acids or heavy metals such as lead or mercury. It is also non-explosive and won’t burst into flames when exposed to extreme heat