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Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Forklift Trucks

Lithium batteries provide long-lasting, reliable power.

Lithium-ion batteries of all types for practically every make and model of electric forklifts

If the total cost of ownership is a factor, lithium-ion technology is difficult to beat. Trucks powered by lithium-ion batteries can operate reliably and consistently across numerous shifts, eliminating maintenance and recharge time.

Dedicated to productivity
Lithium-ion batteries are well-suited for operations with multiple shifts, as their performance does not degrade and they can be recharged quickly.

Location for operations
There is no requirement for space-consuming battery charging and replacement stations, enabling operations to reclaim space for vital business functions.

Zero maintenance
Simply charge and go. Automatic equalization and no maintenance or watering are provided.

Superior temperature performance
Lithium-ion batteries perform well in hot, cold, and freezing conditions, allowing you to use the same forklift for your whole operation.

Simple emissions conformity
There are no hazardous emissions during operation.