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Lithium Battery Pack For Golf Cart

Long life golf cart batteries

How to Optimize Your Golf Cart Battery Use and Extend their Lifespan

Battery Expert offers all sizes of Rocket golf cart batteries.

We use advanced technology to lengthen the life of our products and reduce maintenance. At Battery Joe, we offer Rocket Golf Cart Batteries in 6-volt, 8-volt, 12-volt, and 24-volt versions to ensure they will fit your golf cart battery needs.

Choosing the Best Golf Cart Battery

Typically, the sort of battery your golf cart requires is determined by the model of the cart you drive. The reason so many people use 6-volt batteries in their golf carts is that the majority of regular golf carts require a 6-volt battery. If your golf cart does not take a 6-volt battery, the other two conventional alternatives are an 8-volt or 12-volt battery. While it is possible to make modifications to your cart to accommodate a different type of battery, most owners will stick with the model-recommended battery to save extra expenses and potential problems in the future.

In addition to 6, 8, and 12-volt golf cart batteries, there are deep cycle batteries, which are utilized in electric golf carts and offer a variety of charge types to ensure reliable power.

Because the majority of golf carts in use today are powered by 6-volt batteries, most web searches for golf cart batteries will lead you directly to 6v possibilities. Obviously, as every golf cart owner familiar with the use of a 6-volt battery is aware, there are instances in which individuals seek an alternative. Not only do 6-volt batteries for golf carts tend to drain quickly, but they might also be subpar in terms of power and other performance requirements.

There are numerous options available for locating the optimal golf cart battery for your needs. Knowing which battery is best for you is very dependent on your present golf cart, your budget, and how you use (or intend to use) your golf cart. Obviously, there are also some less-than-optimal solutions for your golf cart batteries. In a pinch, you may be tempted to use a marine battery, but while it may work for a short while, it will reduce the length of time you can go without recharging and may damage other components in your cart over time. No matter how many times your neighbor urges you to use a vehicle battery in your golf cart, don’t – a car battery is one of the poorest options available in terms of durability

Batteries for Lithium-ion Golf Carts
36 Volt Batteries
48 Volt Batteries

Advantage and Disadvantage 

Lithium-powered batteries for golf carts. Lithium batteries for golf carts are renowned for their durability, which is one reason for their growing popularity. Lithium batteries for golf carts can withstand 5,000 charging cycles. That is more than twenty times the life expectancy of a normal 6-volt or 12-volt golf cart battery. However, maintaining a lithium battery for a golf cart might be more complicated than it appears, and failing to do so can negate all of its advantages.

36 Volt Batteries. As one of the more cheap battery alternatives for your golf cart, 36v batteries are perfect for carts utilized in normal conditions, such as golf course cruising or driving slowly on smooth sidewalks. However, 36-volt batteries are not suitable for off-roading, although they can be modified to operate with faster-moving carts.

48 Volt Batteries. The majority of golf cart owners who choose a 48-volt battery do so for off-road use. Basic battery options such as 6-volt and 12-volt golf cart batteries can compete with the efficiency and capacity of a 48-volt battery. However, they are more expensive to obtain. However, by converting your golf cart to a 48-volt system, you boost its resale value should you ever decide to sell it.

BATTERY EXPERT provides the most advanced and dependable lithium-ion battery packs for golf cart power supplies, utilizing the most recent technological advances. Contact us immediately to obtain what you desire!