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Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Telecom Towers Power Supply Backup Systems – Is It Real Or Just a Hype?

Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Telecom Towers – Is It Real Or Just a Hype?

Battery solutions for the telecommunications industry has gone through several transitions over the past four to five decades. It is only fair for us to say that the resulting battery solutions indicate remarkable improvements on their predecessors. But, however good the emerging solutions seem to be, the debate of whether lithium-ion battery for telecom towers are the best has remained a front burner topic for years.

lithium-ion battery for telecom towers

lithium-ion battery for telecom towers

Are lithium ion batteries the best fit for telecom towers, according to some proponents? Or have they been a big disappointment as it is believed in the other camp? The most effective way to lay such an argument to rest is to view it through the lens of public opinion. Therefore, the major aim of this post would be to consider some of the most asked questions about the subject.

Do Lithium Batteries Have A 1000 Max Charge/Discharge Cycles?
Unfortunately, this information is baseless and unfounded. Regardless of how frequent it is being asked, they are far below what you can get from a lithium ion battery. Or perhaps, the first person that asked the question was trying to refer to lead acid batteries. That is because 1000 maximum charge and discharge cycles looks more like a lead acid battery problem.
Unlike lead acid batteries, their lithium counterpart can do well over 3000 charge and discharge cycles. Plus, with better maintenance, such batteries can even give you up to 5000 cycles. We are talking longevity here. This is the key to lithium battery’s longer lifespan.

Are Lithium Batteries Limited to Certain Applications?
Lithium ion batteries have by no means taken to world by surprise. That includes the famous lithium-ion battery for telecom towers. This battery is not limited to telecom towers. You can use them for anything that matches their power output. They are incredibly easy to use. There are no restrictions regarding the applications they can be used for. in addition to telecom towers, they have gained acceptance in a wide range of applications, including TVs, computers, power banks, marine boats, fans, and a host of others.
The best part about this battery is that you may not need any special accessory to use it the way you want. You just need to know how to connect it, and it will be ready for use.

Can It Get Bad If It Accidentally Drops To Ground?
This is one question that has been trending online for obvious reasons. Lithium batteries have a unique design that makes them different from lead acid batteries. That is because such batteries are not manufactured with any liquid inside of them. This could be a problem for lead batteries because they comprise water and an electrolyte. If the composition of lead battery is disturbed, it can affect the efficiency of the battery.
Lithium ion batteries are shock resistant. In other words, they are not affected by contact of any kind. Even if they accidentally fall to the ground from your hands, they will function as normal. Because they do not contain any liquid.

Can Lithium Ion Battery Be Stored Everywhere?
This is one point that has been overexaggerated by lithium battery optimists. Some of the information online about this are incorrect. For instance, I have heard things like you can store the battery anywhere and it will be good. Well, that is almost correct. But, when you bank on such information, your lithium battery will serve you for just a short time.
The truth about lithium ion battery is that you have to be mindful where you keep it. There are conditions you must follow for proper storage. For instance, it should be stored somewhere cool. An environment that maintains room temperature is not a bad idea. That implies that storing it in a place where the temperature is extreme may not be the best for it.
Secondly, you have to be conscious of the charge in the battery before storing it. Storing a lithium ion battery without any charge in it is a good way to kill the battery. it is recommended that the battery has at least 40% or 50% charge in it before it is stored.

Can I Do Anything to Enhance My Battery’s Lifespan?
How we use our batteries will determine whether it will last long or die within a short time. Unfortunately, most users are not aware of this. Maintenance is key in this regard. This applies to both lead batteries and lithium ion batteries. In all honesty, lead batteries are quickly rendered useless after a while because they are not maintained accordingly. They don’t get half the kind of maintenance they require. And that is where the problem lies with such batteries. The maintenance requirements are much. I doubt if you would be able to do it correctly yourself.
So, one way to escape this is by going for a battery that does not require too much in terms of maintenance. That explains why many people are going for lithium-ion battery for telecom towers. It has not only cut down expenses for telecommunication companies. Also, it has reduced the burden of maintenance. No special maintenance is required to use the battery.

Are Lithium Ion Batteries Better Because They Are Bigger?
Battery performance has nothing to do with size. A lithium ion battery that is smaller than its lead acid counterpart will be more efficient in its operation. It does not matter whether they are smaller in terms of size, they can deliver a good amount of power when needed. It all boils down to the capacity of power the battery can deliver.

lithium-ion battery for telecom towers

lithium-ion battery for telecom towers

Final Words
The emergence of lithium ion batteries has been a massive achievement for the battery industry. And so also is lithium-ion battery for telecom towers. Such batteries have actually transformed the telecoms industry on all fronts. From the providers’ end to the consumer’s, it has ensured that all stakeholders in the industry are happy. The above questions and answers only reemphasize the authenticity of lithium batteries.

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