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Lithium-ion Utility-scale Energy Storage Battery

Electricity storage warrants both direct and indirect support. Direct support includes rebates for battery systems, as well as requirements for utilities to procure strategically-timed energy storage to maintain grid reliability. Indirect support includes subsidies for grid modernization and renewables development, which drive the need for energy storage in the first place. The benefits of utility-scale storage include increased electricity system flexibility and resiliency, lower environmental costs and greater system efficiency, reduced electricity costs, improved grid stability and reliability, and more distributed generation of renewable energy.

As these storage systems become more affordable and available, they will no doubt play a larger role in the future of our grid. While the consumer- and utility-scale market for battery storage may seem appealing for home use, there is little market demand for this use; therefore, it will take some time to advance from the R&D and pilot phases of deployment. The main market for today’s utility-scale energy storage is bulk power generation.

What Qualifies Invinity as Utility-Grade?

As a company, Invinity is focused on setting new standards for smart energy storage by making utility-grade renewable energy simple to deploy and operate. Our industry-leading design brings the grid closer to the end user, not just with our unique system architecture, but also with a non-flammable electrolyte that is safe for both humans and the environment. With Invinity on your team, you have the necessary peace of mind in knowing that your next utility-grade project will be a success.


The system, which produces zero emissions, has the unique capability to safe-in-place (and safe-out) utilities in the event of transient events that may disable generation, transmission, and/or distribution equipment.


Our utility-scale energy storage batteries are built to last 25+ years and match the lifespan of solar and wind assets.


Our Energy Storage Battery is the lowest cost per MWh stored and discharged over the lifetime of the battery.


Using a Utility-scale Energy Storage Battery to save energy, improve grid reliability and provide ancillary services.